Jeg tilbyder psykoterapi og rådgivning for voksne individuelle og par i forhold til parforhold, personlig udvikling, livets kriser og at finde mening i livet:


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Love is Possible is a written response to client’s requests for readable, concise, everyday support to love and connection in their close relationships.

The book is a contribution to work on healing painful separation in our close relationships. It shows how we can utilize our relationship’s excellent possibilities and help each other to connect to our loving essence.

By learning to manage our ego’s need to separate and searching to consciousness level of Self it is possible to achieve affinity with each other and our own loving essens.


Love is Possible is out now with added note-taking possibilities in a soft cover version with the same basic content!


Køb bogen her: Amazon

To support the process and the work to reach the love within, the book is made into a workbook with note-taking possibilities Adding personal notes related to ones own experiences and very specific individual work towards love and affinity can be of great value Simply to write down one’s feelings and thoughts enhances self- awareness greatly. This version is also being sold in book stores throughout India.

Se videon nedenfor om bogen ‘Love is Possible – from seperation to connectedness’ af Annette.

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