I have never met a person who does not wish for happy and close relations, either in the form of a good marriage, or in generally honest, warm and close relationships.

I offer psychotherapy and counseling to couples and people who desire to achieve a close, cohesive relationship, as well as help people who wish for personal growth within their relationship, and to save it, if the relationship is in trouble.

The love relationship is a relationship with a built-in possibility of working on the ego-created separation, not just about the relationship concerned, but life in general. Yearning in relationships to be close to each other will also always be a longing to reach beyond the separation to one self. Conflicts and separation in our relationships can be used directly as gates to the love in ourselves.

”To break up a relationship can be a necessity and move two people on in a positive way. However, the projection of your own distance to love in yourself often determines that you want to separate from your partner. We can mistakenly believe that we are not loveable or that our unhappiness is the fault of the other person, and not, which is often the basic cause of our doubt, anger and loneliness that we experience ourselves as separated from our own loving essence. These are perceptions that originate from our ego’s level of consciousness.” (Love is Possible. P. 10).


It is also possible within the close relationship, as parents or future parents to work together to become conscious of negative emotions and unwanted behaviors, which one does not want to pass on to ones children. This harmony is a gift to give not only to the children, but also to oneself and each other.

”Many relationships are pearls too precious to just throw away as symbols of suppressed love not made conscious.” (Love is Possible. P. 95).

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