Love is possible



A good friend of mine said one day: “How on earth can it be that I can be so stupid; it’s unbelievable, of course I know that, and yet I carry on in this foolish state instead of just being happy.” She knows that there is another state of mind, where she is quite simply happy and naturally connected to her husband, but she finds that she continues living from a less happy state. In such moments she has a feeling that who she is, is what she’s missing, and at the same time she feels a certain desperation and incomprehensibility in relation to the fact that she once again finds herself in a situation filled with problems. (PART III. THE FOUNDATION. Introduction. P. 52).

Love and affinity are possible because they are quite simply a part of us. We yearn, we strive and we make the effort. Unfortunately, the situation is that if our efforts are based on the consciousness of our egos, this will inevitably lead to separation and problems. With this potential loving in our consciousness, we are not let down, but rather equipped by nature with possibilities for the solution of our problems.

To break up a relationship can be a necessity and move two people on in a positive way. However, the projection of your own distance to love in yourself often determines that you want to separate from your partner. We can mistakenly believe that we are not loveable or that our unhappiness is faults of the other person and not, which is often the basic cause of our doubt, anger and loneliness that we experience ourselves as separated from our own loving essence. These are perceptions that originate from our ego’s level of consciousness.



Our many relationship problems can be seen as an expression of longing for peace and love. Precisely through these expressed problems, necessary changes in consciousness become possible. In any crisis there is the possibility of growing and substantiated hope for radical change. Changing our awareness from seeing all of us as separate individuals to deep and mutually dependent and connected people, whose deepest ability are to create from needs to expand internal love and insight. This helps to solve the problems between people.

The book is a contribution in relation to working on healing painful separation in relationships and through this achieve affinity with your own loving essence. Painful separation between us humans is created based on the ego’s limited level of consciousness. The book demonstrates how it is possible, through searching the consciousness level of Self, to overcome problems between people in our daily lives. In the book, there is direct indication to use conflicts and separation in our relationships as gates to the love in ourselves. The real tool that is given is simple and it can be used where there are problems with painful separation in a relationship. In the present moment, wounds from the past are implicit and these will be dispersed through working around reaching each other and yourself in the present.

The book contains many repetitions, as the resistance on the part of the ego in the process of the acknowledgement of our simple truth is considerable. Many times in our lives we have listened to the wrong truth about ourselves and in the work of detaching ourselves from identifying ourselves with our egos’ perceptions of us, it is necessary to have the far happier message about us repeated many times.

As mentioned, the book has been written based on the fundamental assumption that we are all loving people; that loving is our true identity. In our identity, we have affinity with each other. Conflict between us humans is an expression of life separated from our true identity.

Fundamentally, two levels of consciousness are presented: The ego’s level of consciousness, which also denotes our false selves. The level of consciousness of Self, which is also mentioned as our deeper Self, our essence, our true Self, our internal treasure chest, our heart, the love.

According to the book, when couples are mentioned, it can just as well be about relationships between two women or two men as relationships between men and women.

The stories are authentic. In order to ensure the anonymity of the contributors, their names have been changed and what has been written has been reviewed and assessed by the people concerned.

It is recommended that you read the book from the beginning and let it become a process related to the life that is lived.

The book, which is suitable as support and inspiration to self-help cannot replace competent professional support and therapy with special needs that can occur in us all for shorter or longer periods through life.


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