Personal Development

I offer psychotherapy and counseling for adults supporting personal development based on daily life.

More and more people are yearning and sense that behind one’s immediate experiences there is something else in them of a far happier, more peaceful and unchangeable character.

It is possible to overcome the obstacles that obstruct our inner peace and happiness. Often it is the ego’s attempt to manifest a view of us as being less valuable and loveable than the actual potential and love within us. Through conscious awareness of the immediately experienced, it is possible to be open to a different perspective leading to better being able to live a meaningful and gratifying life.

During hardship in life, which none of us can avoid, it is possible to draw on the potential within ourselves. Doing this can help us create happier lives for ourselves, and others. Studies show that it is possible to work to achieve long-term happiness through various forms of behaviors causing an emotional shift within us. For example, the act of giving to other people is a path to happiness and also improved physical health. Happiness comes from within and is possible even when life is difficult. In every crisis there is the possibility of growing and substantiated hope for radical change.

With the potential loving in our consciousness lying ready, we are equipped by nature with opportunities to solve our problems and achieve personal growth.

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