Free counseling

Free Therapy and Counseling for Young Adults (18 – 25 years)

Do you feel lonely, sad and maybe anxious about your life and the future?

We all have love, potentials, and peace within! During hardship in life, it is possible to draw on these potentials within ourselves. It is possible to overcome the obstacles that obstruct our inner peace and happiness.

With the potential loving in our consciousness lying ready, we are equipped by nature with opportunities to solve our problems and achieve personal growth. Doing this can help us create happier lives.

I offer this Winter (2022 – 23) therapy and help to a limited amount of young people in need. If you think this is a possibility for you and not being able to finance your need for necessary support and therapy, you are welcome to send me an email at I will answer you asap.

Our meetings will be in person and/or online.

Please note that if you are experiencing debilitating mental health symptoms that are seriously interfering with your daily life and you might be interested in pursuing medication for symptom relief, you may want to start by contacting your doctor and/or talk with a psychiatrist.