In my post “Giving might change the world” I wrote that new science is directly connecting pro-social and giving activities with finding meaning in life, happiness and health.

Here I like to share the opportunity to be inspired by attached talk by Viktor Frankl, 1905-1997, who survived as the only one from his family staying in World War II’s camps.

Viktor Frankl, professor of neurology and psychiatry says in his book “Psychology and Existence”, that “…. MAN ́S PRINCIPAL MOTIVATION IS THE WILL TO MEANING. It is pulling us, it is from the Self, and it is meeting the existence. If it was only by the ego, a projection of wishful thinking, it would immediately lose its demanding and challenging nature. Frankl understood miserable human conditions as absence of meaning, and he predicted it as the major problem of mankind around the millennium. Frankl says, that between stimulus and response in us humans there is room, where we have the possibility to choose, what he believes is important in people ́s lives; to find meaning.


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