A Guide to Well-being during Corona Virus

The number one tool is to choose our hearth over our fear-based ego.  Our hearts are ready every second to comfort us and give us love..

Keep in close contact and connection with family and friends. Close relationships are one of the most important tools for happiness.

Choose to be grateful, – maybe to the many people risking their health to help us all during these very demanding weeks.

Give whenever you have the chance, it is healthy not only psychologically also physically.

Enjoy some kind of physical activity, yoga, walking, running. Maybe start your day doing The Five Tibetan Rites; a Tibetan form of yoga, which I personally can recommend for both physical and psychological well-being. An easy way to get started is just to use Google, read about it and watch a video.

Get some fresh air every day.

Meditation. I can recommend using A Course in Miracles, which is an excellent psychological and spiritual self studying system including meditation, I can also recommend The Heartfulness Way, which includes a cleaning tool.

Maybe take some Bach flower remedies, if these are accessible for you. Here I can recommend mixing the Rescue Remedy and White Chestnut. It is calming (Rescue) and relaxes your mind (White Chestnut).

All these different tools are good to help getting you grounded in your heart. – We need our hearts right now, not only for being happy also to be connected with each other. During a time of social distancing it is important to remember that in our hearts there is no distance at all between us.

Also do not forget to eat well and definitely not check the news at your phone as the first thing in the morning and the last thing you do at night! Very important: Seek professional help if you

I wish you may stay safe and be happy! – With love, Annette.


PS. Seek professional help whenever you need it!


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