During times of hardship, what can we possibly do? – Recently I incidentally fell on an important book on my bookshelf by Carl Jung “The Undiscovered Self”. The psychiatrist, Carl Jung, is in this book urging us individually to understand the duality of our nature, our capacity for good as well as evil. Jung meant that we by understanding the threat from the destructive aspects of the human psyche would be better to cope with potential threats. He even affirmed that the survival of our civilization might depend on our ability as individuals to get to know ourselves. Jung argues that exploring our own souls should throw some light on the slumbering powers in the psyche. Delt with consciously he says these helpful forces and ideas over and over have enabled people to find the right way through darkness and danger.

When I flipped through the pages of this precious book with so many insights it struck me, how it can be benefitting and bringing hope during times of hardship to search and get inspired by great pieces of literature and sciences not only to understand our contemporary problems but also personally to become more resilient and better problem solvers. As a psychologist working to help people realizing and live their inner positive and loving potentials, this book brings me immediate happiness.

During the present period in history characterized by a threatened climate, wars, ongoing inequality and poverty problems, pandemics and having depression and anxiety playing an unfortunate large role, it is likely to ask oneself the question: “What can we do during this difficult time?” Knowing that answering the question is not simple and furthermore there is not just one single answer, I do however like to share a part of the last chapter from my book “Love is Possible – from separation to connectedness”. The book is my response to clients’ requests for readable and concise everyday support to love and connection. It gives a broader understanding of the work to reach our inner great potentials, which might not only become possible tools to save our marriages but also like Jung states help us find the possible right way through darkness and danger.


For a long time there was something I could not understand. – I had puzzled when I had seen people’s yearning lead to so much activity and continued busy effort on the one hand, and the amount of human suffering, including painful divorces, on the other. Why is there still so much pain when we are now working so hard to avoid getting divorced, – and just living the happiness. It has puzzled me. Right until I began to see that it was not love that was lacking or the good will, but just that without knowing, we are unconsciously identifying with our egos and letting them control us.

Not only do our relationships suffer. So many other conditions in the world are critical right now. There are wars, poverty, inequality problems, and imbalances in the financial systems and, not least, a threatened climate. Serious problems threaten our existence here on earth. The world is threatened due to lack of love in the controlling of it.

With this potential loving in our consciousness lying ready, we are obviously not let down, but equipped by nature with possibilities for the solution of the problems. What is necessary now is that we work at making the obstacles conscious for ultimately our own survival.

Conscious about our ego’s need to bring separation and destruction, we are better able to be co-creators of positive connections and solutions in the big world around us.

There is definitely hope for us humans in this world!

From my book “Love is Possible – from separation to connectedness”.
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